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I work at a bakery. Yes I get free bread.
Non-preachy vegan :-)

Things I’ll Miss When I Go Vegan:


French Vanilla Coffee Creamer
Honey in tea&pb sandwiches

You do NOT have to miss the French Vanilla Coffee Creamer.

I’m not even vegan* and I love and prefer the So Delicious French Vanilla Creamer.**

* Though not vegan, i”m “accidentally vegan” 90% of the time + an am friends with a lot of vegans.
** This is the second time I’ve posted about the So Delicious stuff. Swear I don’t work for them, it’s just that noms.

Food nerdery: The key to good oatmeal is salt

Was reminded of this this morning during a breakfast gathering.

Oatmeal can taste really amazing.

Oatmeal can be really filling. (Compare to pancakes which make you uncomfortably full, and then hungry for “real food” 2 hours later.)

Oatmeal’s secret weapon is salt. Bad oatmeal tastes “bland.” And then your instinct is to sweeten it up. And then it tastes bland and sweet. You still might wanna sweeten it, but you can’t forget the salt. ¬†Ideally it’s cooked with salt, not added at the very end. (But even salting at the end will probably make it taste way better. Just stir it in really well.)

Also, this morning I had So Delicious (coconut creamer) French Vanilla as an oatmeal “topper” that a vegan friend recommended. WHOA. It was great. As the only sweetener, it was magical. Anybody, vegan or not, would love this. Very rich.